Fendertex® SoftDock

The Fendertex® Softdock is an inflatable dock protection system available in lengths up to 30 feet. Designed to tie directly to the dock with adaptable attachment systems, it can also be used for swim platform protection or garage protection. The Softdock system’s outer shell is made of a knitted reinforced polyester and an internal polyurethane inflatable bladder giving the system excellent strength and resistance to an immense amount of pressure. Softdock can be customized with a multitude of colors, outfitted with customizable covers that can have a logo or a name knitted into the cover, and a multitude of attachment options to adapt to different dock types.


SoftDock Features
SoftDock bottom strap

1 - Bottom Strap

An attachment point to secure the SoftDock to the dock.

SoftDock covered D-ring

2 - Covered D-Ring

Covered D-rings to secure the SoftDock to a dock. Available in 9 different colors.

SoftDock handle

3 - Handle

A heavy duty handle to help easily lift the SoftDock. Can also be used as an attachment point.

SoftDock covered D-rings

4 - Textile Fabric

The textile fabric is UV resistant and is safe against paint.

Versatile Attachment

Adjustable attachment straps

The adjustable straps allow for versatile protection on the existing attachment points on the dock or the boat. These rings are also fitted with cuffs that can be used to moor jet skis, tenders, tenders or toys

Easy to Install & Remove

SoftDock easy to install

Due to the ultra lightweight of the SoftDock and it being equipped with handles and numerous D-rings, the SoftDock is easy to install and remove.

Soft Texture

SoftDock stress test

Knitted with a soft textile that is extremely durable and UV resistant, yet does not damage paint.


Fendertex SoftDock deflated and rolled for optimal space savings

Customize your SoftDock by having your logo or name can be knitted on the cover. Ten different color options for the cover and knitted logo or name.

Customize Your SoftDock

Custom Covers

Fendertex Fender with custom cover

The knitted Fendertex® covers are customizable, any design logo or name can be added to the cover.

Embroidery and Stitching

Fendertex Fender with custom embroidery

Cover, retention strap and long side strap can be custom embroidered.

Wide Variety of Color Options

Many color options for Fendertex Fenders

The fenders are available in standard or custom colors, as are sheathed D-rings, covers, ropes and stitching.

How-To Order

To order a Fendertex© SoftDock contact us and one of our Fendertex specialists will help you.


Need to know more information? Download our Fendertex® Fender catalog. Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us.

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