Fendertex® Fenders - Lightweight & Durable

Personalize and Protect Your Boat

Fendertex® is the only manufacturer of inflatable textile fenders for the yachting market. The Fendertex® standard line offers cylindrical, spherical, and tandem fenders. Fendertex® also offers a wide range of customizable textile fenders and accessories.

Fendertex Fenders lightweight and inflatable
  • Lightest fender in the world
  • Outer shell made of one piece knitted engineered textile
  • Can be deflated and rolled for stowage
  • Built to withstand an immense amount of pressure
  • Automatically adapts to temperature swings
  • Available in three standard shapes and nine standard colors
  • Customized sizes, colors, and embroidery options available
  • Available accessories include fender covers, sheathed D-rings, braidlines, flatlines, ropes, pumps and custom embroidery

Standard Shapes

The size of the fenders required for each boat depends on various factors:
vessel size, weight, windage and freeboard height.

Fendertex Cylindrical Fender

The cylindrical fender is the most common fender shape. Built with stainless steel D-rings located at the top and a strap at the bottom, this fender can be positioned vertically or horizontally (with long side option).

Fendertex Spherical Fender

The spherical fender is often used as a hand held fender during maneuvers due to its width, but is also used as a standard fender on larger vessels.

Fendertex Tandem Fender

The tandem fender dual tube design prevents it from rolling on itself and protects a larger area than other shaped fenders.


Fendertex Fenders ultra-lightweight

Fendertex® Fenders are ultralightweight, making them easier to handle than typical PVC or other inflatable fenders

  • Up to 95% lighter compared to PVC fenders
  • Up to 40% lighter than other inflatable fenders

Space Saving

Standard fender storage versus Fendertex Fenders

Storage of traditional fenders is often an issue on vessels. Fendertex® Fenders are designed to minimize the use of storage space. Once deflated and rolled, a set of fenders can easily be placed into a locker.

  • 95% smaller when deflated compared to standard PVC fenders
  • 50% smaller when deflated than other inflatable fenders
  • Quickly inflates and deflates


  • Can withstand an immense amount of pressure
  • Automatically adapts to temperature swings
  • Holds shape after extended periods of pressure
  • Made with dyed yarn for UV resistance

Fendertex® Vs.
Other Inflatable Fenders

Much lighter than comparative inflatable fenders on the market

Can be used on a dock with no additional cover

In case of strong winds, weight can be added to the fender, no additional product required

Automatically adapts to temperature swings, thanks to the elasticity of the mesh, no need to adjust the pressure once inflated

Can be cleaned in a standard washing machine

Does not contain petroleum-based PVC

Custom Options

Custom Covers

Fendertex Fender with custom cover

The knitted Fendertex® covers are customizable, any design logo or boat name can be added to the cover.

Embroidery and Stitching

Fendertex Fender with custom embroidery

Cover, retention strap and long side strap can be custom embroidered.

Wide Variety of Color Options

Many color options for Fendertex Fenders

The fenders are available in standard or custom colors, as are sheathed D-rings, covers, ropes and stitching.


Fendertex Fender Whips

Spliced Fender Whips

Available in 6' and 9' lengths. Comes in black, grey, and navy blue.

Covers for Fendertex Fenders

Fender Covers

Increases the durability of your Fendertex® Fender. Add some personalization by having your logo or boat name emroidered on the cover.

Inflation pumps for Fendertex fenders

Inflation Pumps

Various air inflation pumps to inflate your Fendertex® Fenders quickly.

How-To Order

Personalize and build your own Fendertex® boat fender. Choose either a cylindrical, spherical or tandem fender. Select any optional accessory and color combinations. Click the link below to build your fender today.


Need to know more information? Download our Fendertex® Fender catalog. Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us.

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