5 blade Max-Prop Whisper


  • Availble in 5 blade design
  • Comes in 20" to 44" diameters
  • Fits upto 3" diameter shafts

The size of sailboats has been increasing steadily over the past few years. With the larger size comes the demand for bigger engines and higher speed under power, while keeping noise and vibration down to a minimum.

To that affect, Max-Prop has designed a 5 blade propeller, combining all the necessary attributes. To address the horse power gains, Max-Prop has added one more blade. This allows the transfer of power in the water in a more efficient way than the only other alternative-a larger diameter-while keeping noise to a minimum. In addition to the increased power, the extra blade provides a smoother run than a 4 blade propeller.


  • Very efficient power
  • Outstanding reverse and stopping power
  • Ultra smooth operation
  • Very low drag
  • Simple "bolt on" installtion
  • Externally adjustable pitch
  • Best suited for heavy displacement cruisers over 50 feet
  • Available from 20" to 44" diameter
  • For shafts up to 3"

Extremely Low Drag

A 5 blade Max-Prop Whisper on a high angle shaft will have substantially less drag than a fixed 2 blade propeller and provides more power while motoring.

Adjustable Pitch

If your engine achieves either too much or to little RPM at max throttle, adjust the pitch to a higher or lower setting to attain the correct RPM. Pitch adjustment can be done in the water as the propeller does not need to be disassembled to change the pitch.

Smooth Operation

A five blade propeller will offer the smoothest possible run under power, quieting down your drivetrain.

Outstanding Reverse

The Max-Prop Whisper provides 80% more power in reverse than a comparable fixed blade propeller. The Whisper utilizes the same leading edge in forward as it does in reverse giving the propeller the same efficiency in both directions dramatically improving control and power in reverse.

Max-Prop Whisper Installation Instructions

Max-Prop Whisper Videos

How To Install

In this video we'll show just how easy it is to install a Max-Prop Whisper. (Please note that the Max-Prop Whisper installation is identical to the Max-Prop Easy)

How To Disassemble & Reassemble

A step by step video on how to disassemble and reassemble a Max-Prop Whisper. (Please note that the Max-Prop Whisper assembly/reassembly is identical to the Max-Prop Easy)

How To Adjust Pitch & Rotation

Watch how to adjust the pitch and rotation of a Max-Prop Whisper. (Please note that the Max-Prop Whisper pitch adjustment and rotation is identical to the Max-Prop Easy)

Max-Prop Whisper Images

Max-Prop Whisper Feathered
A Max-Prop Whisper in the feathered position.
Pitch adjustment screws on Max-Prop Whisper
The pitch adjustment screws for a Max-Prop Whisper.

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