As of August 1, 2018 Seaview will spin off as it's own company and no longer be under the PYI Inc. umbrella.

You can visit Seaview's website here or their web store here.

For technical Seaview support call them at 800-655-7922 or email

Max-Prop website


Automatic Feathering Propellers

PSS Shaft Seal website

PSS Shaft Seal

Packless Sealing System

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Non-Skid Deck Coating

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Jefa Rudder & Rudder Bearings

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Autopilot Systems

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Jefa Steering

Steering Systems

Lecomble & Schmitt Autopilot website

Lecomble & Schmitt

Autopilot Systems

Lecomble & Schmitt Steering website

Lecomble & Schmitt

Hydraulic Steering System

R&D Marine website

R&D Marine

Drivetrain Solutions

Velox Plus website

Velox Plus

Antifouling Paint

Sonihull website


Ultrasonic Antifouling System

Floor Anchor website

Floor Anchors

Floor Boards & Hinge Panel Locks

Clamp Jacket website

Clamp Jacket

Hose Clamp Tail Covers

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Barnacle Dissolver

Barnacle Remover

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Shaft Retention Collars

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Hose Clamp

Hose Clamps

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PYI News

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Barnacle Dissolver

We'll show you how to take a dirty old propeller and make it look new again with Barnacle Dissolver.

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Achieving That Perfect Texture with KiwiGrip Non-Skid

Learn how to achieve different textures with KiwiGrip non-skid, from a very mild to a very aggresive texture.

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A Guide To Installing Sonihull

Here we show you how easy it is to install a Sonihull ultrasonic antifouling system on your boat.

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Is It Time To Rebuild?

Fred Hutchison talks about what may cause vibrations in your boat. One of the culprits could be your prop.

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Who Is PYI Inc.?

PYI Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality marine, boat, yacht, and ship equipment and supplies. PYI quickly responds to our customer's ideas and needs. Since 1981, PYI has never forgotten that our company cannot exist without our customers. Our goal is to provide quality as well as innovative marine equipment with an unsurpassed level of customer service. Our track record speaks for itself... Ask a fellow boater.

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I got the light mast wedge you sent me on Monday as you predicted. I installed it on Tuesday and all is, once again, well in my boating world. I thank you (again ) for your dedication to excellent customer service. I have always talked up you and your company and its products and will continue to do so. I enjoy relating to my yacht club buddies this kind of boating experience. Thanks again, I hope to see you at the next boat show to shake your hand...

- Tony Cancemi

Thanks for following up on this. You and Jason have been great to work with. Together you have provided the best customer service I have had in years. I can't say enough about my experience with your company.

- Evan
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