Max-Prop automatic feathering propellers for SailDrives

Easy Antishock for SailDrives

  • Availble in 2, 3 and 4 blade designs
  • Diameters from 14" to 25"
  • Up to 135 horsepower
  • Fits Volvo, Yanmar, TwinDisk, ZF, Sillette or Bukh saildrives

A large majority of modern production sailboats are equipped with a "SailDrive" leg instead of a propeller shaft. These "SailDrives" require a different type of propeller for two reasons:

  • The attachment of the propeller needs a spline instead of a taper.
  • The gears in the leg cannot take the shock loads of low drag propellers opening (true for both folding or feathering propellers). Therefore all propellers including fixed propellers must have a dampening device built in the hub which lessens the shock loads initiated by the propeller opening or closing.

The Max-Prop "Easy Antishock" for SailDrive is designed to fit on any drive leg on the market today including Volvo, Yanmar, Bukh, and Twin Disc. This propeller system greatly reduces the shock load upon engaging the transmission which remains much lower than all SailDrive manufacturers maximum load requirements.

The installation of a Max-Prop "Easy Antishock" is identical to a fixed blade propeller.


  • Easy "bolt on" installation
  • Externally adjustable pitch
  • Outstanding reverse
  • Low drag under sail

Max-Prop SailDrives fit these manufacturers and more!

  • Yanmar
  • Volvo
  • Twin Disc
  • ZF
  • Bukh

Dampening Device

A dampening device is installed internally on all Max-Prop "Easy Antishock" propellers. This dampening device is essential for preventing shock loads while engaging the drive in forward or reverse.

dampening device

Adjustable Pitch

If your engine achieves either too much or to little RPM at max throttle, adjust the pitch to a higher or lower setting to attain the correct RPM. Pitch adjustment can be done in the water as the propeller does not need to be disassembled to change the pitch.

Easy To Install

Arrives pre-assembled. Unique design allows for simple bolt onto the shaft installation.

Max-Prop Easy Antishock Installation Instructions

Max-Prop Easy Antishock Videos

Max-Prop Easy Antishock Images

Max-Prop automatic feathering propellers for SailDrives
A Max-Prop four blade Easy in the feathered position on a Yanmar SailDrive.

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