Boating enthusiasts worldwide for many years have encountered the issue of fenders that are heavy and take up too much space. This journey has led me to create the worlds lightest inflatable textile boat fender.

CETI building


Research and development of Fendertex Fenders began at the European Center for Innovative Textile (CETI) in Tourcoing, France.

Yacht with Fendertex Fenders


After two years of research and development, the first tests were conducted on 150', 100', 45' and 39' yachts.

Fendertex Fender concept drawing


A patent was filed and the Safe Boat Equipment company was created.

Power boat with Fendertex Fenders


Fendertex fenders have been installed on 1,000 vessels worldwide.

Sailboat with Fendertex Fenders


PYI brings Fendertex fully into the US and Americas market.

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