Customizable Options

Customize your Fendertex® Fenders with an array of options including custom covers, embroidered designs, colored stitching & ropes and personalized dock bags.

Custom Covers

Fendertex® knitted fender covers are customizable. Any design, logo or boat name can be sewn onto the cover.

Custom Fendertex Fender Covers
Custom D-Ring for Fendertex Fender

Covered D-Rings

Covered D-Rings protect your boat from potential impact from exposed metal D-Rings when handling. Standard and custom color options available.

Stitching & Embroidery

Choose colored stitching to make your Fendertex® Fender unique. Embroidery can also be added onto the cover, retention strap and long side strap.

Custom stitching on Fendertex Fenders
Custom rope and splice on Fendertex Fenders

Rope & Splice

Standard splice or custom made splicing are available and produced at the Fendertex® manufacturing facility in France.

Rope and mooring line protectors are also available; constructed from ultrasoft material to protect from rubbing.

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