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Yes, Fendertex Fenders are inflated while in use and then deflated for storage. All Fendertex Fenders are inflatable and deflatable.

The entire fender (and bladder) is machine washable, or you can use a low-pressure pressure washer. Never dry them in a dryer, and don't use harsh detergents.

Fendertex Fenders can handle an immense amount of pressure. For example, a C84 fender can handle about 10,500 pounds of compression.

It's a polyester textile that is very soft on the hull of the boat. They were designed for the mega yacht market in the EU with that in mind, to preserve the gel coat, fiberglass finish, paint, or wraps on their boats. The polyester textile does not retain salts or debris like a standard cloth cover which will scratch the hull. Also, unlike rubber fenders, they do not off-gas, which can cause delamination of the paint if they sit on the hull for too long.

You do not need covers with Fendertex Fenders. But they will offer more protection to the fender on an abrasive dock, and the cover is what you can customize.

A small fender such as a C84 can be inflated with a hand pump in less than a minute. You're only going to 5 PSI, so hand and foot pumps are very easy to use. When inflating larger fenders, we recommend an electric pump due to the large amount of volume. Most people have a compressor on board for dinghies that utilize the same valve we use.

The turbine pump is the fastest pump we offer that can do it in less than 15 seconds. The inflater is a standard dinghy valve, called a Halkey Roberts valve.

We would need your fender in hand to ensure it fits properly. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee our covers will fit their existing fenders.

3-year warranty for any manufacturer defects, color fading, or valve issues. Abrasion and punctures are not considered warranty items.

Each filament is dyed rather than each thread, so the color penetration is intense. Any color fading is covered under our 3-year warranty.

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