Jefa Hydraulic Steering Systems

Jefa Steering is a world leader in sailboat steering with their systems on some of the most prestigious and recognized production boats in the market. With four different steering methods available, Jefa steering always has a solution for your boat. Looking for Jefa Rudders or Rudder Bearings? Visit our Jefa Rudders & Rudder Bearings website.

Steering Wheels

Jefa offers a very complete line of steering wheels to fit every sailors need and preference. The stainless steel, flat, "Destroyer" wheel has become the modern standard sailors are used to seeing on many boat. Destroyer wheels are available up to 47" (1,200mm) diameter. Tandem spoke wheels are available from 35" to 71" (900mm to 1,800mm). Stainless steel wheels are available with leather covered rims as well.

Aluminum wheels are available when you want to save at the helm. These wheels come finished in black or white powder coating with a leather covered rim. Available in diameters from 27" to 71" (700mm to 1,800mm).

GRP and carbon wheels are the next steps in weight saving technology while adding style to the boat and reducing steering effort for competitive sailors. GRP wheels are available in white or black 35" to 40" (900mm and 1,000mm) diameters.

The Jefa wheel selection is rounded off with teak rimmed wheel with stainless steel spokes and custom hybrid wheel made with carbon fiber and wood. Teak rimmed wheels are available in 27" to 47" (700mm to 1,200mm) diameter.

Jefa Wooden Wheel
Jefa Cable Steering Components

Cable Steering

Starting in 2001, Jefa Steering Systems quickly evolved to become a world leader in sailboat steering systems. Chain & Cable steering systems are the traditional favorite of builder and sailors. Jefa’s Chain & Cable steering systems are designed to take advantage of modern manufacturing techniques using machined and fabricated parts, starting from extrusions, plate, and billet. Machining and fabrication allow ongoing product development while maintaining the ability to supply to produce. This allows Jefa to avoid using castings and problems that come with them.

Offering more than ten styles of pedestals to fit custom and production boats, Jefa has a chain and cable pedestal to fit your steering application.

Jefa Steering pedestals are finished with electrostatic powder coating for durable glossy finish that will withstand years of exposure in harsh marine environment.

Wire Sheave assemblies are available with sheaves machined from delrin or aluminum alloy.

Rack & Pinion Steering Systems

Jefa’s Rack & Pinion (R&P) Steering systems deliver a strong, compact, steering system ready to install in most aft cockpit sailboats. The "100" series pedestals offers a traditional look combined with modern design and materials inside. The “150” series presents a modern stylized package, while the "200", "300", and "400" series pedestal combine a modern look with ample space to mount the electronics and other controls boat owners and skippers rely on while at the helm.

Every style of Jefa R&P steering pedestal offers the same combination of high quality parts developed by the best engineering team in the marine industry. Components are CNC machined from billet and bar stock to avoid using structural castings whenever possible. The CNC process allows Jefa to deliver high quality close tolerance for new systems and precision replacement and service part for existing systems.

Rack and Pinion Steering Systems
Jefa Transmission Steering

Transmission Steering Systems

Jefa's Transmission Steering System "TSS" is mechanical system for any Sailing vessel with high steering loads or a complex path from the steering wheel to the rudder. The system is comprised of bevel boxes, torque tube(drive shafts), support bearings if needed, and a gearbox. The final connection to the rudder is with a solid drag link and tiller arm.

The "TSS" is similar to the geared Rack & Pinion system, placing the reduction gearbox close the rudder. This gearbox placement allows the torque tubes to run through the boat with same low loads that will be on the steering wheel shaft. The "TSS" uses very low friction bearings precision machined gears to give the helmsmen the best possible feel at the wheel.

Another key feature of the "TSS" is adaptability for the multiple steering station, integrated Autopilot drives, and multiple rudders.

Hydraulic Steering Components & Pedestals

Jefa offers a complete line of Hydraulic Steering Systems featuring Jefa’s pedestal, wheels, and other components. The hydraulic components offered by Jefa are supplied by Lecomble & Schmitt (L&S) Hydraulic Steering Systems. L&S adds over 70 years of hydraulic steering experience to Jefa’s expertise to deliver the reliability, styles, and function to boats that require Hydraulic Steering Systems. We are able to offer you single source pedestals, helm pumps, cylinders, and autopilot pumps.

Jefa Hydraulic Steering
Jefa Accessories


Make it your boat with Jefa’s complete range of accessories. Your Jefa helm station is the focal point of on deck control and activity aboard the boat. Select the Jefa accessories to position controls and display them where you want for safe convenient operation. Jefa also offers a range of cockpit tables for on deck dining and entertainment as well.


Need to know more information? Feel free to download our Jefa Rudder Bearing brochures, installation instructions and price lists. Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us.

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