Custom Colors

One of the benefits of KiwiGrip is that it's easily tintable. Below are some examples, check back periodically as we'll continue to update this list. Note that the colors may differ slightly when seen in person.

KiwiGrip Safety Yellow

Safety Yellow

Resembles SW6911

KiwiGrip Safety Yellow

Safety Orange

Resembles SW6884

KiwiGrip - Safety Red

Safety Red

Resembles SW4081

KiwiGrip - Show Stopper

Show Stopper

Resembles SW7588


KiwiGrip can be tinted using most water-based tints found at your local paint dealer, making it easy to color match almost any project. Most lighter custom colors are easily achievable, however being that it is recommended to add no more than 3% tint to the paint some darker/vibrant colors are difficult to match. If too much tint is added the paint will become watery and lose it’s non-skid properties. Please keep in mind that the KiwiGrip stock colors were chosen to minimize heat absorption when exposed to direct sunlight, thus providing a finish that will be comfortable to walk on in any weather condition. Please see our downloads section for detailed tinting instructions.

KiwiGrip Major Blue

Major Blue

Resembles SW6795

KiwiGrip Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay

Resembles SW6509

KiwiGrip - Custom Light Gray

Custom Light Gray

Resembles SW7671

KiwiGrip - Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud

Resembles SW6249

KiwiGrip - Downing Sand

Downing Sand

Resembles SW2822

KiwiGrip - Sack Cloth

Sack Cloth

Resembles HGSW3447

KiwiGrip - Gray Brown

Gray Brown