Engine Mounts

Engine Mounts

The R&D Marine Engine Mounts are designed specifically for the rigors of marine applications. The mounts are stiff enough to absorb forward and reverse propeller thrust, yet soft enough to isolate drivetrain vibrations from the hull.

To help increase the longevity of the mounts, all steel parts are zinc plated and pasivated to limit corrosion. The rubber component is covered by an oil shield to protect it from petroleum based products.

R&D Marine mounts are preloaded based on the combined engine and transmission weight to limit engine movement. To facilitate in the ease of installation the mounts are height adjusting and the mounting holes in the base of the mount are slotted to assist in alignment of the drivetrain.

Designed For Any Type Of Engine

  • 2 & 3 cylinder long stroke
  • 1, 2 & 3 cylinder short stroke
  • High speed 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and more

Wide Range In Stock

Standard sizes offer different weight capacity, footprint, stud size, and height. This enables direct plug-in replacement for most installations. Capacity from 30 - 2,000 lbs per mount.


R&D Marine Mounts are height adjustable. Slotted holes in base to assist in alignment.

Fail Safe Design

The vertical stud is secured to a horizontal metal plate, to prevent the mount from pulling apart. R&D Marine Engien Mounts will withstand a roll over test.

Great Vibration Isolation

Shear loaded mounts provide superior isolation and restrict fore an aft movement to maintain alignment. Compression mounts are available where there is a restriction on the available space.

Engine Mount Images

Engine Mount 800-030
R&D Marine Engine Mount #800-030.
Engine Mount 800-036
R&D Marine Engine Mount #800-036.
Engine Mount 800-037Y
R&D Marine Engine Mount #800-037Y.