The Jefa electro-mechanical drives are strong, compact, and much more efficient than any other electro-mechanical autopilot drive unit on the market. Suitable for sailing vessels from 20' up to 70' in length, the Jefa drive units use a flat wound electric motor that is not a standard industrial motor, but specifically designed and produced for this application. This provides multiple advantages over standard industrial motors. Jefa has also developed a unique and patented engagement clutch. The solution is based on two electrically operated spring loaded clutch pins that engage and disengage when the autopilot is powered and switched off. This allows for less friction when under manual control of the helm, a very long clutch life as it will not wear over time like traditional friction plates, and a very low current draw. Due to their use of the flat wound motor and pin clutch system, the drive units are one of the most strong and compact autopilot drive units available. Jefa's mechanical autopilot drive units are compatible with all major autopilot brands, like Raymarine, Simrad, Garmin, NKE, Furuno and B&G. Jefa Marine has been making reliable electro-mechanical autopilot drives for over ten years. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about the available drive units.