What Is Propeller Pitch?

So why do we use pitch if it isn't the actual distance the propeller travels? Basically it is a reference point that through experience we know that a specific diameter and pitch will load an engine correctly.

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Why a feathering propeller for my Sailboat?

With all of the low drag sailboat propellers on the market today. Why should you buy a feathering propeller? Fred gives some good points on why a feathering propeller just might be what you need.


Which Way Am I Turning?

Everything on a boat is viewed stern to bow. Propeller rotation is no different; a right hand propeller rotates Clockwise viewed from the stern of the boat looking forward. A Left hand propeller rotates Counter Clockwise viewed from the stern of the boat looking forward.


Cheap Insurance and Peace of Mind

The Shaft Retention Collar aka SRC is designed to help retain the propeller or rudder shaft in your vessel in the event of a catastrophic failure of the coupling or if the shaft comes free of the coupling.


Seaview Custom Mounts for when off the shelf mounts just won’t cut it

You may often find that off the shelf marine electronic mounting solutions will not work with your specific needs. That’s where the guys over at Seaview come in, they can design and produce a complete custom mount to fit your unique application in record time.

Drivetrain Basics

Published 11/07/12 at 02:48pm

Jeffrey Stack of Chicago Marine Group goes over drivetrain basics.

FAQ: What do you finish the Seaview Product with?

Published 11/07/12 at 10:41am

Jason touches a bit on the powder coating on all Seaview's marine electronic mounts.