Which Way Am I Turning?

Published: 12/07/12 at 01:31pm

That is, which way does my propeller turn? Everything on a boat is viewed stern to bow. Propeller rotation is no different; a right hand propeller rotates Clockwise viewed from the stern of the boat looking forward. A Left hand propeller rotates Counter Clockwise viewed from the stern of the boat looking forward.

If the boat is out of the water you can engage the transmission in forward and just bump the starter on the engine to determine this rotation.

With a Max-Prop this rotation holds true. But as the propeller rotates back and forth it is tough to tell which is forward and which is back. Moreover, the opening of a Max-Prop is a reaction to that shaft, as it does not open by itself. So if you move the blades to starboard that is exactly the opposite of what the shaft is doing when it opens the propeller.

To determine if a Max-Prop is set up for a Right rotation, put the blades in the feathered position (rounded edge of the blades aft) with one blade on top and vertical. Grab the trailing edge of this blade and pull it to Port, keep moving it until it comes to the stop. If the propeller is set for a right rotation the straight leading edge will be stopped angled forward and to starboard. If it continues to rotate until the straight leading edge is stopped angled aft, then the propeller is set for a Left rotation.

Want to see a video of how to determine if your Max-Prop is set up for right or left hand rotation? Then watch our video "Max-Prop: Determining the rotation of your Max-Prop".

Fred Hutchison