R&D Marine Flexible Shaft Coupling Vs. Other Brands

The R&D Marine Flexible Shaft Coupling is designed to help isolate vibrations between the shaft coupling and transmission output flange and to absorb shock loads due to hard gear changes or propeller impact. In this blog Dan talks about key differences between the Flexible Shaft Coupling made by R&D Marine and other brands.

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FAQ: Does old Seaview product work with the new Modular Mounts?

In this blog post Jason shows us the differences between the old Seaview marine electronic mount systems and the new modular style mounting systems.


Anti-Fouling For Rudder Blades and Bearings

Here we walk you through the steps to properly apply anti-fouling to your hull.


The Run Down on Seaview Dual Mounts

Dual Mounts, aka Combination Mounts are a style of marine electronic mount allows you to mount a combination of radars, satdomes, or cameras onto a single mount. The most common combination is the closed dome radar and satdome arrangement.


Seaview Spreader Kit, It Gives You Wings!

Seaview began to see the need for adding a spreader kit to their product line as more and more people wanted the option of adding other marine electronics to their mounts.

Retrofitting rudder bearings on your sail boat

Published 03/08/13 at 01:04pm

Interpreting the feel, or back-feed, of your rudder is arguably one of the most important tools in your arsenal during a sailing regatta. This is the reason why many boat builders use mechanical steering systems that allow for as much of the “feel” from the rudder to transfer back up to the helm; mechanical systems such as cable, rack & pinion, and transmission systems.

2, 3 and 4 blade propellers are they all the same?

Published 03/07/13 at 03:35pm

Here Fred Hutchison explains when to use either a 2, 3 or 4 blade propeller.

Safe Cheap Insurance Max-Prop Zinc

Published 03/07/13 at 10:43am

Here Fred talks to us about how to properly install a zinc on your Max-Prop to improve its longevity. He also goes into detail on the new zinc design.

Quit hurting yourself, get some Clamp Jackets

Published 03/06/13 at 02:57pm

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve cut myself on the tails of hose clamps and other worm gear style of clamps. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has run into this problem. There has to be a simple fix to this problem! And there is, PYI makes these little rubber covers that slip over the ends of hose clamps.

How Long Has Max-Prop Been Around?

Published 03/06/13 at 10:00am

The Max-Prop was designed in 1975 in Milan Italy, with the idea to solve the age-old problem of drag caused by auxiliary propulsion on sailing yachts.