FPI Propeller Pump Project

FPI’s axial flow pumps are able to handle large volumes of water, ranging from 1,000 to 120,000 gallons per minute. FPI needed a seal for the impeller shaft that could handle that kind of a work load. PYI Inc. was able to provide a very cost effective solution that is easy to install, reduces maintenance / shut down on their pumps and durable enough to withstand the harsh environment they are often subject to.

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Kenosha Water Utility Project

The Kenosha Water Utility from Kenosha, WI had begun the retrofit of all the old stuffing box type configurations at their water production plant on "thru wall" mixer shafts for their water purification plant. They were looking for a solution to replace the leaking and worn out traditional seals with something that will last, reduce cost, reduces plant down time due to seal maintenance and eliminate leaking. PYI provided pressure resistant PSS Shaft Seal as well as mounting flanges for this retrofit project.