Max-Prop Whisper is Nominated for 2013 DAME Award!

Published: 10/28/13 at 09:26am
2013 DAME Award Nominee

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding the new five bladed propeller from Max-Prop called the Whisper. One of the biggest news is that it has been nominated for the 2013 DAME award that is being held at the METS international boat show. Here’s a list of all the nominees. If you look at that list you may also notice one of our other products is on there, the Jefa disengagement steering unit.

What is the DAME Award?

Well it’s one of the biggest product awards in the marine industry. Only the most innovative products that have the greatest impact on the sailing community are awarded. That’s why we’re very excited to be nominated.

Why was the Max-Prop Whisper nominated?

The Whisper is a very innovative product, and the five bladed design is unique for a low drag propeller. It’s based off of the Max-Prop “Easy” design, so it ships fully assembled. Making the installation very easy, haha get it? Also, you can adjust the pitch while in the water. And due to the five bladed design the Whisper is extremely quiet and operates very smooth. It has excellent power especially when powering into heavier wind and seas. Like all previous Max-Props the Whisper also has great reverse, allowing for faster and more precise capabilities. If you want read more about the Max-Prop Whisper check out our previous blog, “You’re Being Too Loud, Whisper!” written by our resident Max-Prop expert Fred Hutchison.

Now cross your fingers and hopefully we’ll win the DAME award!

-Eric Young