The PSS Bladder Flange

Published: 12/10/14 at 01:34pm
PSS Flange & Bladder

PYI Inc., manufacturer of the PSS Shaft Seal, is expanding the PSS product line with the recent development of a ‘Flange & Bladder System’. This system allows you to seal the stern tube, while the shaft is not rotating, in order to inspect, clean or replace components of the shaft seal. Another advantage is that if decoupling the shaft is needed, this operation can be done in the water as the shaft can be moved aft, while the bladder is inflated, with no water intrusion. Of course the inflatable bladder system can also be used in case of an emergency.

How It Works

An inflatable rubber bladder (made of Nitrile) is nested in the flange (available in Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum). Inflate the rubber bladder to approx. 10 - 15 PSI and the bladder will come into contact with the shaft creating a water tight seal. Deflate the rubber bladder to retract the bladder from the shaft allowing water back through (No damage is done to the shaft during this process).

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The image on the left shows the bladder inflated, while the image on the right shows the bladder deflated.

Stock & Custom

The PSS Flange & Bladder System will fit applications with shafts ranging from 2-1/2” to 7-1/8” and are available with a blank or pre-drilled flange. You can view a full list of our PSS Flange & Bladder kits here. If you don’t see one that meets your needs, fill out the custom Flange & Bladder form and we will customize to fit your application.

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