Why KiwiGrip?

Published: 05/18/16 at 02:06pm

Why KiwiGrip?

There are many marine nonskid products on the market to choose from, all with varying degrees of cost and difficulty to apply. It can make one’s head spin trying to weigh the benefits against the costs of all the competing brands. However, what is most important is identifying the best marine nonskid product that will work for you and deliver as expected.

KiwiGrip has been formulated from the beginning to be a very user-friendly, easy-to-apply, and durable nonskid solution. KiwiGrip is quickly becoming the standard ‘go-to’ for the Do-It-Yourselfer and the professional alike. On a retrofit project, there is no comparison between KiwiGrip and competing products in this category. The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of 5 reasons why:

#1 KiwiGrip is a ONE-PART Solution

Many other brands are derived from harsh solvent based paints that require catalysts and/or a ‘grit’ to be added to the product in order to perform. KiwiGrip is a one-part solution with no added fillers (such as sand, rubber, shells, or plastic). The texture is achieved by using our included application roller that creates a stipple in the coating during application. You just spread it over a properly prepared surface, roll your desired texture, pull your masking tape, and let it cure.

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#2 KiwiGrip Gives YOU the “Final Say” on Texture

Because of the above fact that there are no fillers in KiwiGrip, YOU get to control how aggressive the texture is on your deck. Simply by adjusting your rolling technique, you can change the texture from an elegant fine texture to an industrial aggressive texture. This is an especially attractive feature for racing yachts, where a more aggressive texture may be warranted on the wet, heeled-over bow, and a finer texture might be warranted on the cockpit seating.

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#3 KiwiGrip is Durable

Being an acrylic polymer, KiwiGrip is extremely durable in the harsh marine environment that it is exposed to. Impervious to UV, salt, beer, wine, coffee, and most other things with which a nonskid is likely to come into contact, KiwiGrip is with you for the long-run. Many seasons down the road, one can recoat directly over the original KiwiGrip to quickly and easily refresh it in higher traffic areas where refreshing may be needed. Because KiwiGrip is loaded with UV stabilizers, there will be no concern about the color fading or yellowing over time.

#4 KiwiGrip is Non-Toxic

Being a water-based coating, KiwiGrip is not a hazardous material to work with. This means that you do not have to wear personal protective gear like respirators and gloves, and you can feel free to apply KiwiGrip to the deck without leaving your slip! This will save big money versus products that require hauling the boat out of the water. Water-based KiwiGrip is also extremely easy to clean up after you are done with your application. There are no regulations requiring special disposal methods.

#5 KiwiGrip is Affordable

When purchasing paint it is very important that you look at the total cost of the project and not just the cost on the price tag. Application cost is one of the many benefits that puts KiwiGrip ahead of the competition. Kiwigrip is a one part, wtare-based non-skid solution that applies in a single coat and doesn’t require additional sealing after it is applied. Many other brands of non-skid coatings require multiple coats, an aggregate additive and additional sealants, resulting in higher labor and material costs and ultimately a more expensive and laborious project.

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KwiGrip is available for purchase here, or at several reputable dealers worldwide. For a map of dealers that carry KiwiGrip Nonskid click here. For FAQ’s click here. We are also always willing to help answer any questions via the phone at 800-523-7558.

  • Ian Smith