Anchor Your Floor Boards!

Published: 01/24/13 at 08:21am
Floor Anchor

Frustrated with trying to figure out how to secure your floor boards so that they are secure and can be easily opened? PYI’s OEM Floor Anchors are the perfect solution for securing floor boards up to ¾” thick. It is very important that these floor boards be secured down. Unsecured floor boards can be very deadly in the cabin in the event of a knockdown/capsize.

When comparing the OEM anchor with PYI’s standard floor anchors, you’ll find that our OEM fasteners allow the floor boards to be secured to a thin receiving panel. This is because there is a backing nut included with each OEM anchor for added strength, since thin panels do not allow for very much thread engagement. Also, the grooved head on the anchor allow more epoxy to fit around the stationary side of the fastener, which provides stronger adhesion. After installation you are left with an aesthetically pleasing finish since the anchors are flush mounted and made of Stainless Steel so no worry of rusting.

OEM Floor Anchor

Once installed all you need to open the PYI OEM floor anchor is a coin or picket knife.

-Kenneth Planck