Flexible Shaft Coupling Installation

Roughly align engine and stern gear without flexible coupling i.e. only two rigid half couplings pushed together.
Bolt R & D Marine coupling between the two rigid couplings. Tightening details as below.
Check alignment of the engine by placing feeler gauges between the Red Cone Headed Bolt and the rigid half coupling. Repeat for the Same bolt at 90 degrees intervals by rotating the shaft.
If the Gap is thesame in all four positions, the engine is accurately aligned. Recommended minimum to maximum gap difference 0.010 inch/ 0.25 mm.
Run installation to bring engine compartment to working temperature. Re-check torque settings.

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Recommended Torque Settings

3/8 UNF 25 lbs. ft. (33.5 Nm)
7/16 UNF 35 lbs. ft. (47 Nm)
1/2 UNF 55 lbs. ft. (74 Nm)
5/8 UNF 115 lbs. ft. (154 Nm)
M10 30 lbs. ft. (40 Nm)

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