Removable Floor Anchors

PYI Floor Anchors are designed and engineered to secure floorboards or lock hinged panels. Made out of 316L stainless steel, they will not corrode, discolor with age or damage the wood surface. The Floor Anchor safely holds 500 lbs per unit. The PYI Floor Anchors meet ISAF (formerly ORL) requirements for offshore boats (category 2.03).

The opening mechanism is a simple bayonet style, with ¼ turn lock and release that will not loosen with age. It can be opened or closed by either a coin or a flat head screwdriver. The 11-FA0-34 is suitable for ½" to ¾" thick floorboards and the 11-FA1-00 is for 7/8" to 1 ¼" thick floorboards.

Download Floor Anchor Brochure / Installation Instructions, click here

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PYI also offers an installation kit that includes the proper size drills, tap and a countersink T-cutter.