Max Prop
Automatic Feathering Propeller


"The boat we sailed was equipped with a feathering Max-Prop, which is probably the single best investment that any cruising sailor could make to improve performance under both sail and power. Max-Props aren't cheap, but they're worth every penny if you're concerned about performance..."

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"When I turn my motor off and sail he drops anchor ( so to speak ). The sail performance is astonishing." Brian D. Lawrence, "Spray" Catalina 28 #192

"It is nice to know that in this day and age you can still find a company and employees who understand what 'service' is." Barry Girard

"I can honestly say that the money spent on the prop is the best money I have ever spent on the boat." Dave Forsman (L. Francis Herreshoff)

"I never would have expected such a change. Best we can determine, we've increased performance to weather about 5 degrees and speed by nearly 20%. Plus, no more prop walk in reverse..." Captain Gordie Morris, Free Spirit (40' Trimaran),

"The power and sailing performance of your propeller is all that you claim, and EXCEEDS OUR EXPECTATIONS." Ralph Krueger, (Nasson 34)

"Your Max Prop really made a difference, especially when maneuvering and backing down in the 75 locks we transited through..." David A. Flanders (Lancer 36) "Sandpiper"

"If anyone ever is dubious about the strength of the Max Prop mechanism, you might want to show them this letter." Peter Vanadia Philadelphia Marine Services

"The Max propeller represents one of the finest improvements I made to my sailboat when she was new." H.J. Colombo

"Just wanted to let you know that it is a real pleasure doing business with your company last week. It's not often that I feel compelled to pat backs, but true service needs to be recognized." Jackie Baker

"Canvasback sailed from Newport Beach to Maui in 12 1/2 days in conditions that varied from moderate to light variable, hardly conditions for a record crossing. Yet 12 1/2 days is about a day and a half faster than our average. The Maxi-Props coupled with teamwork and good seaman made the difference." Jamie Spence Canvasback Missions Inc.

"Handling the boat in locks, slips, and marinas becomes a pleasure instead of a nightmare. The Max Prop is one of the best investments you can add to a boat and should be offered as an option by all sailboat manufactures." Richard H. Heath (Tartan 37)

"The two blade Max Prop is the right prop for those who want a strong reverse with the least drag. For those who want smooth powering, strong reverse, and modest drag, the three blade Max Prop is the only choice." William Courington

"Since I'm not a free flowing writer and procrastinate easily, you have really earned this letter, as my motivation has overwhelmed me. I'm excited about my new Max Prop. The sailing performance of my Pearson 323 was enhanced measurably." Bob Latham (Pearson 323)

"I would be pleased to recommend PYI, Inc. To any of your customers that are contemplating purchase of the Max Prop. Whether it be from Max Prop capabilities, or your business ethics, PYI stands out exemplary..." John H. Moore (Nauticat 38)

"Considering I am a first time customer you have certainly gone beyond normal customer relations and service. It gives me great confidence in your company and its products." Stuart Kishner

"Last April I installed a Max Prop on my Fuji 40 and it is the best addition I have made with this boat. I increased my sailing speed about 1 knot over the entire range of sailing conditions..." Jim Carnevale

"The Max prop has been excellent and given the service your organization provides I would not hesitate at all to buy one again if and when mine ever actually wears out."
Jeff Gray