These installations provide guidelines for a successful installation of Jefa rudder systems. The actual installation on the specific yacht will have to be engineered by a qualified engineer using these installation instructions as a guideline and proper workmanship should be used for the actual installation. Jefa Marine takes no responsibility for any structural failures which might result from the use of these guidelines.

Rudder bearings are a key part of your boats steering system. Correct sizing of the bearings is essential for reliable operation. An accurate post dimension is needed. Jefa rudder bearings are normally available in 1mm increments and are built to fit a rudderpost O.D. with a tolerance of +0.0-0.08mm (+0.000-0.003"). If the post is out of round or has a rough finish we will quote and supply a close tolerance sleeve to fit over your post and bring the O.D. up to an even millimeter dimension. Bearings can be ordered in imperial sizes. It may be necessary to cut out the old rudder bearing tube and fiberglass a new one in its place.

When replacing rudder bearings on existing boats it is difficult to match the inside and outside dimensions of the old bearing. Jefa rudder bearings are normally specified based on their inside diameter "I.D.". This frequently creates a situation where the outside diameter "O.D." does not match the current bearing. To see what the outside diameter of any Jefa rudder bearing is refer to the web site. All bearings are listed by Inside Diameter. Outside diameter is shown to the right.


Every mechanical part on your boat will need maintenance in due time. The Jefa rudder system is no exception to this rule. Fortunately the maintenance on the Jefa rudder system is very limited.

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